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The collection Post-Crisis Solutions is created out of “the desire of moving” during the covid pandemic, it reflects the changes and evolution of people’s way of living, and imagines the rediscovery of our living environment after crisis in general. In this collection, the uncertainty and instability of the situation signify the beginning of a new era, and the exploration and advancement into this new era have led to a research about mongolian nomadic culture, in which “mobility” is a keyword. Nomads’ lifestyle with their continuous breakthrough of geographical borders can be meaningful and inspiring for us urbanites today and in the future. This collection is meant to be the novelty of the future and how you survive with your garments. The colors of this collection are inspired from both nature and the city, with beige and green which come more from the natural environment, while black and grey symbolise the modernity and futurism. The use of yellow is alarming and signifies the touch of security we need during the post-crisis period. The print comes from a geographical contour line of Mongolian steppe, it can be coloured in different shades, and in this collection, there are one in black and white, and another one in yellow and grey. Fabric-wise,traditional fabrics like dupioni and jacquard are combined with more modern and outdoor fabrics like nylon taffeta, quilting, peach skin, and knit fabric like rib knit, jersey, and PDR. In terms of construction and details, pockets are transformed in different ways in this collection, it can be irregular cargo pockets in square or triangle shape, or gathered pockets in repetition. The shape of mongolian traditional yurt, which is an important element in their mobile life, is also integrated indirectly with panels, so when the wearer moves, it forms the shape of yurt. Gathering and puffy silhouette are also largely used in this collection, because it allows firstly a better movement, but also its volume provides more spaces between human body and the outside world, which is very noticeable during post-crisis time.