“LIFE AFTER 98” is a Fall/Winter Womenswear collection about the story of 1998 Tragedy occurred in her home country, Indonesia. Mass  violence and demonstrations happened, triggered by the economic problems that led to violence, vandalism, and mass raping which targeted the Chinese-Indonesians ethnicity. This tragedy left deeply traumatising memories to the people, leaving dark stains in both their minds and bodies. At the end of the day, the 1998 Tragedy has now passed. But How’s Life After 98? Has it been better?  Through the “LIFE AFTER 98” collection, Nichol aims to communicate her hardships growing up as a minority: not only in her own country, but also after she has moved to France. She compiled all of her memories, and through that, She created and crafted thoughtfully every little part of the “LIFE AFTER 98” collection to make sure her message is well-delivered. The Silhouette is reflecting her woman, that is strong, bold, and independent. Emphasising in tailored silhouettes added with some unique and quirky details. The Fabrics are carefully curated to represent her woman. Using Water-Repellent Cotton Gabardine, Wool, and Shiny Satin as the main fabrics. The Colors are selectively chosen with Classic Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat in Beige as the base, to Blue that speaks for freedom. The Little Details are used to communicate the story. Layers of fabrics are pulled up and down representing the mass raping tragedy. Garments used as a backpack, to bag detail on the back expressing the heavy weight they have been carrying. With the purpose of empowering women all around the world who are currently going through any season of their life, Nichol hopes every  single piece of the “LIFE AFTER 98” collection brings confidence and joy every time you see, touch, and wear it.