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My collection “La Vita Campestre - Gallese” born  from the idea of reinterpreting the history of my family in a modern way. The values behind are the ideas of spontaneous balance between human and nature and the freedom to express  yourself. These are summarized by, Gallese a village in the  countryside of Tuscia, in the center of Italy, where my  grandfather, the artist Publio Muratore Pellei, is from. The village as well as the Pellei’s residence are immersed in this peculiar reality that looks stopped in time: no phone reception, fresh local products every day, walks in the fields in between a match at Monopoli and one at cluedo. 
For me this place has an immense sentimental value and  it had always reunited my family for events as the collecting of olive for our oil, birthdays, and great parties. For this reason, the distinctive symbol of my collection is the art of my grandfather. Using his sketches, I designed a toile de jouy that translate on the garments in prints and embroideries. In each look there is an element taken from the toile de jouy creating the fils rouge of the collection.